Upcycling My City Square Yarn Bomb

Upcycled Yarn BombMy friend Claire asked if I could make her a scarf out of my City Square yarn bomb. The piece was quite grubby when it came down and some of the stitches had been cut through (a hazard when removing a yarn bomb with scissors, even with the most careful handling).

I found ten whole squares of the same motif, hand washed them with some liquid soap and stitched them together in a row. I backed the crocheted strip with fleece to make a nice warm scarf. That’s 26 cm of the yarn bomb successfully upcycled. Only 368 cm to go!



Stitching Up City Square 2013 – Installation Day

There was a while there when I worried I would never finish my City Square piece on time. Three seasons of Downton Abbey later, I measured up again and found that my piece had grown to 3.94 m. Whew! That was close enough for me.

Bali from Yarn Corner suggested sewing the piece into sections since the height of the tree was only an estimation. I made a 3.18 m section and two 38 cm sections:

This is me lying on top of my city square piece to give you an idea of scale, and also because it was so lovely and soft.

This is me lying on top of my City Square piece to give you an idea of scale, and also because it’s so lovely and soft.

My sister came with me to City Square last Sunday to help with the installation and to take photos:

Installation Day - About to begin  Installation Day - An avenue of trees in rainbow colours

In the end I didn’t need to use the two 38 cm sections; the 3.18 m section reached right up to the branches of the tree. One of the City Square pieces did not arrive in time for the installation. We used left over sections from the other trees to assemble a yarn bomb for the naked tree. There’s one of my sections at the bottom:

Installation Day - Rainbow tree

While we were installing the pieces, many people stopped to ask questions and to take photos and to say thank you. It was lovely to be involved in a project that brings happiness to so many people. At the end of the day when I left the square, I noticed some tourists posing for photos in front of my tree! It made me very happy.

Stitching up City Square 2013 – The Yarn Bomb Approximation

I borrowed a great book from the library, 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton, and I’m using some of the designs in my City Square yarn bomb. I really like these squares with star and waterlily motifs but I’m wondering if they make the squares I did earlier look crap in comparison?

I’m also having some problems with measurements. The earlier squares were 13 cm x 13 cm; these newer ones are 15 cm x 15 cm. I’m planning to make my rows up out of either five small squares (65 cm across) or four of the bigger ones (60 cm across). Obviously this will lead to rows of different widths, which is no good. My solution, I think, will be to add a border to the larger squares to bring them up to just over 16 cm x 16 cm (meaning four across comes up to 65 cm in width), or to loom some small pieces to fill in the gaps. I’ll figure it out nearer the time.

At the moment my main concern is the length of the piece as a whole. It’s currently on 1.08 m, which took five weeks to do. It needs to be 4 m in total so let’s approximate by saying I need to do three times as much again. I want to finish by the end of the year but there are only 11 weeks to go, not the 15 I need if I continue at the same rate. So I need to pick up the pace a little.

From now on I’m going to aim for 16 cm x 16 cm squares and I reckon I need around 76 of them to complete the piece. That means I need to produce 7 squares a week, or one per day.

This is going to be quite a challenge but I think if I put some serious time in at the weekends it should be all right.

Stitching Up City Square 2013 – The Work Begins

I mentioned that I was keen to get cracking with a new yarn bombing project to keep my fingers busy so I’ve started making crocheted squares for Yarn Corner’s installation in City Square next January.

It will be the second year that Yarn Corner has stitched up City Square and this time even more trees are to be yarn bombed. I have a whole tree to myself (just a small one, but still, I’m super excited about it) and I’m going to cover it with a patchwork of motifs in green. Over the last week or so I’ve made 16 squares. I’ve calculated (see, I learn from my mistakes) that I’ll need 150 squares for the whole piece so I’m well on my way.