The Bollinger Bar at Palm Court, The Balmoral Hotel

Only the second stop on the Edinburgh Tea Tour and I’ve already ditched Lucy. Just kidding! She’ll be with me at the next tea room to fiddle with the decor and inspect the crockery. It’s just that this weekend when I went for afternoon tea with my mum and my sister at The Balmoral I couldn’t resist making notes and decided it would make a good addition to the Tea Tour even though Lucy couldn’t be there.

This is a bit of a pricey way to get your tea and cake fix at £21 for the Balmoral Afternoon Tea and £33.50 for Champagne Afternoon Tea. Look at the scrumptious selection of sandwiches, scones and cakes though! It was well worth the money for a one off treat but I won’t be making a habit of coming here.

There is a large selection of loose leaf teas and the green tea with cherry comes highly recommended. It was sweet, fragrant and refreshing. My mum took the Darjeeling but all she could say about it was that it was hot and wet.  We loved the sandwiches and the heather honey scones but weren’t too sure about the cinammon scones. We were too full to eat the cakes on the top tier so we took those home in a doggy bag. I imagine they would have tasted better without that extra night in the fridge but they were pretty yummy all the same.

The service was excellent too, with loads of waiters and waitresses on hand to bring top ups of hot water, clotted cream and jam. Our waiter was a bit clumsy in arranging the many many teapots, cups, saucers and plates of shortbread on the very crowded table and dropped a few things, but I found it quite endearing. The atmosphere was relaxed with a harpist and then a pianist supplying the background music.

The Bollinger Bar, The Balmoral, 1 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 2EQ

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