Forsyth’s Tea Room

Go to Forsyth’s Tea Room to chat with the extremely nice lady that works there. Go to escape the busy high street and admire the quaint decorations, from mounted china plates to crocheted sugar bowl covers. Don’t go for the tea which, disappointingly, comes in only three varieties and all of them are in tea bags.

Luckily the selection of cakes made up for the stunted tea menu. The rocky road cheescake was wickedly chocolatey; even I was defeated by it, and I’ve been known to demolish 200g bars of Dairy Milk in a matter of hours. The apricot tart was delicious and the homemade jam served with the scone was so good that we ate it up with a teaspoon. 

There was no music playing and since only one other table was occupied, we were painfully aware of the need to talk quietly so as not to disturb the other customers. Although the tea room seemed remarkably empty for a Sunday afternoon, the lady who works there assured us that come festival time the place would be packed.

Aside from the lovely staff, the charm of Forsyth’s Tea Room lies in its faintly old fashioned appearance. It claims to be an Edwardian style tea parlour and although I’m not quite sure that the decor is entirely right for that period, you certainly feel as though you’ve stepped back in time as you walk through the door. Just as we were leaving, an American couple came in exclaiming that they were delighted to have found the tea room after searching for it for two hours. They had been five years before on a visit to Edinburgh and had been desperate to come back. Perhaps it was the tranquility of the tea room that made it so memorable, a little piece of Edinburgh untouched by time and the madness of the Royal Mile. Whatever it was, you can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Forsyth’s Tea Room, Chalmers Close, 81 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR

2 thoughts on “Forsyth’s Tea Room

  1. Mrs Caldwell,I do not share your opinion. Forsyth`s Tearoom and it`s Magic is the only reason for me to come back to Edinburgh every year since 1999 now.You said there was no music playing.I say you don`t need any music , when you can hear Christina Forsyth`s voice singing scottish songs(as she always did everytime I was there).It`s this special feeling that I have when I walk into the Tearoom ,like coming home.You do not see little things that make the different to other Teahouses.And if I can have three good sort of tea , I do not need 100 different sorts of it.So the next time you come to Edinburgh visit Forsyth again and try it with open ears and eyes. Many Greetings to you T. Mainka

    • Hi Tanja, thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s wonderful to hear that Forsyth’s has drawn you back to Edinburgh time and time again. I understand the special feeling you had when you walked into the Tearoom. I too felt that something magical at happened when I went in there, as though I’d been transported to another time and place.
      At the time when I was living in Edinburgh I was a tea enthusiast and so of course I was disappointed by the limited selection at Forsyth’s compared with other tea rooms in the city. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy my experience at Forsyth’s – it was a charming establishment and I was delighted with the cakes and the little details like the crocheted sugar covers and mismatched crockery. I wasn’t lucky enough to hear Christina Forsyth singing Scottish songs but maybe next time I’m in there I will be.

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