8 thoughts on “Edinburgh Tea Tour

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  2. Wow, Alison. That’s some pretty extensive research you did for your cake trail. I’m impressed! Thanks for the link. You’ve given me some ideas of places to visit on the tea tour.

  3. I haven’t read Alison’s list. But have you come across AnTEAques on South Clerk Street? and Loopy Lorna’s near Morningside Cross? Lorna’s cakes are also to die for!

  4. Ooh, yeah, I love Loopy Lorna’s. It’s another favourite of mine. I’ll be writing about it soon.
    You’re the second person to recommend AnTEAques, Colin, so I’ll definitely have to stop there on the tea tour.

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  6. Peter’s yard on Meadow’s walk is another great place for tea and cake. I particularly recommend their parsnip cake. Yummy! The tea is leaf tea (not bags) and is served in charming japanese cast iron teapots. It’s expensive and service is slow, yes, but I still find myself coming back again and again:)

    • Hi Anna

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, I know Peter’s Yard. I’ve enjoyed many a delicious cup of tea there, although I’ve never tried their parsnip cake. That’ll be for next time.

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