Christmas Yarn Bombs on Rathdowne St

At the weekend I went to help some of the Yarn Corner crew wrap some trees on Rathdowne Street in red yarn and crocheted Christmas baubles. The project was commissioned by City of Yarra Council.

The trees are between Curtain St and Newry St, so pop along to see them if you can. The Christmas decorations are particularly sweet although I’m afraid I can’t take any of the credit for them.

While we were wrapping the trees, passing cyclists rang their bells, people in cars rolled down their windows to talk to us, and people passing on the street came up to take a closer look and ask us questions. Everyone was so interested and encouraging. It was lovely to see first hand the positive impact yarn bombing has on a community.

An article about the installation appeared in The Age today.



7 thoughts on “Christmas Yarn Bombs on Rathdowne St

    • Yes, it looks really effective. It’s just ordinary, acrylic yarn but wrapping it round the tree has given it a nice, shimmery effect.

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