The Life Expectancy of a Yarn Bomb

Walking down Sydney Road last week I did a double take when a familiar looking orange, pink and blue woolly cuff caught my eye. It was the yarn bomb Grace and I put up almost a year ago, looking significantly grubbier than last time I saw it.

Before: February 2012

After: November 2012

I hadn’t really given much thought to the life expectancy of a yarn bomb before. I think I assumed that you put them up and left them, and they brought sunshine into people’s lives forever and ever after that. But no. They get bleached by the sun, matted by the rain and dusty from passing traffic.

We went back with a pair of scissors yesterday and cut it down, like the socially responsible yarn bombers that we are.


6 thoughts on “The Life Expectancy of a Yarn Bomb

    • Really? Do you think I should have left it? I’d hate to have cut it down in its prime. My thinking was that I like yarn bombs because they looks so pretty, and if I leave mine to get grubby and yucky then it’s not a pleasure for anyone to look at any more, just an eyesore. It was a tough call to make.

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