Aerial Assortment

Back when I was living in Edinburgh I did a few trapeze courses at The Big Red Door. I kept meaning to find somewhere else to take lessons after it closed down, but I never got round to it.

Eventually, yesterday, I started an aerial assortment course at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne. Boy, was it hard. It turns out I have got almost no upper body strength at all.

I used to be able to do almost all the things that we were shown yesterday in the class but when I tried them myself I really struggled to hold my own body weight. The strength in my arms seemed to gradually deteriorate over the course of the evening so that by the time I got home, even pulling on my pyjama bottoms was almost impossible.

I asked one of the teachers what I could do to practice. I was worried she was going to say press-ups (my worst nightmare) but she didn’t. She said to try hanging from monkey bars. I’m going to do it. There’s a park near my house where I can practice. That’s it; I’m determined. Even though I’m scared of getting chased away by a gang of school bullies.

It’ll be worth it if only so that next week after class, I can get changed into my pyjamas without too much difficulty.


9 thoughts on “Aerial Assortment

  1. Did I tell you that when I was in Beijing I saw an old woman hanging by her arms from a tree? It was just moments after I was passed by another old woman walking backwards. Apparently waking backwards helps to develop lower back strength. So mystery solved – the old lady in/up the tree was likely to be working on her upper body. Thank you for an educational post, Helen!

  2. Oh, brill – nothing like a good excuse to hang out at the playground!
    When we first moved to NZ, my daughter (5-is yo at the time) couldn’t do the monkey barrs and really wanted to as there are great climbing frames/play equipment in the schools here. Anyway, she practiced and practiced, until she had thick skin on her hands and shoulder muscles like Rambo! Think swimming helps, too. I’m going to try the walking backwards thing…but not in our house, too many toys: HAZARD!

    • Good to know that practice pays off. I’m not much of a swimmer so I’m just going to have to stick with monkey bars to get my Rambo shoulders. The callouses on my hands are well on the way 🙂

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