Art or Trash?

If someone were to jam an empty drink container, let’s say for the sake of argument an empty Red Bull can, into a gap in a wire mesh fence, that would be littering right? We might walk past and tut and think, what dick did that instead of throwing their rubbish in the bin?

And we would have the same reaction towards a polystyrene cup jammed in a gap in a wire mesh fence, wouldn’t we?

Unless there were lots of them and they were arranged in an undulating wave pattern and perhaps, whimsically, some of them had rolled up maps protruding from them. Because this looks kind of like it’s meant to be something, doesn’t it? Like it might be art:

Oh yes, look: It’s definitely art because there’s a plaque beside it explaining what it’s all about:

The information accompanying the artwork, a section of which reads: “The artist creates a dystopic cartography that invites sombre reflection about the creek systems of the Moreland area which once flowed with fresh drinking water and teemed with aquatic life. Storm water now surges through gutters and main drains, then back to the creeks with sludge and rubbish caught in its wake.”

I saw this being “installed” on the fence near Moreland Station last week. Today I walked past and noticed that it’s been embellished:

Is the person who contributed the empty Red Bull can an artist too? Or a litter bug?


8 thoughts on “Art or Trash?

    • I like the idea of interactive art. I might roll up a piece of knitting and jam it in one of the holes too. Although would I have to knit using yarn made out of recycled bottles?

    • I just hope that when the artist comes to remove the piece (I assume she will remove it eventually), she also takes away the accompanying social comments 🙂

    • Good idea, Joseph. I think that would make your plaque a piece of art in itself, thereby inviting other people to paste up plaques to accompany your plaque…

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