Stitching Up City Square 2013 – The Work Begins

I mentioned that I was keen to get cracking with a new yarn bombing project to keep my fingers busy so I’ve started making crocheted squares for Yarn Corner’s installation in City Square next January.

It will be the second year that Yarn Corner has stitched up City Square and this time even more trees are to be yarn bombed. I have a whole tree to myself (just a small one, but still, I’m super excited about it) and I’m going to cover it with a patchwork of motifs in green. Over the last week or so I’ve made 16 squares. I’ve calculated (see, I learn from my mistakes) that I’ll need 150 squares for the whole piece so I’m well on my way.


7 thoughts on “Stitching Up City Square 2013 – The Work Begins

    • Thanks Rachel. The theme of the whole installation is rainbow colours. I nearly opted for shades of orange, then thought that spending months working with green would be more restful 🙂

  1. Now that I’m hearing about yarn bombing here, I’ve been paying more attention to the term. There was an arts festival up here a few days ago, Nuit Blanche, and one of the projects underway that evening was yarn bombing a bus.

    • Wow, that’s impressive. I bet it will look really amazing when it’s done. Won’t be long now, WIlliam, before you’re tempted to pick up some knitting needles yourself 🙂

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