Yarn Bomb Alterations

A couple of weeks ago I spotted this new yarn bomb on Rathdowne St. At least I think it’s a yarn bomb. Certainly there is yarn involved.

I was tickled. I wondered who had put it there. Maybe a feminist pom-pom making collective?

A few days later I was walking along the same street and noticed that the yarn bomb had been altered to appeal to a wider audience.

Who’s responsible for this? A retaliating group of equal rights activists that just wants everyone to get along? An indignant member of the public that likes street art but wants it to be suitable for audiences of all ages?

This is one of the great pleasures of street art, watching a piece evolve from one thing into something else. I’m glad I took photos to capture the process.


10 thoughts on “Yarn Bomb Alterations

    • I’m going to pay closer attention to street art in the future to see if this happens more often than I realise. Maybe I could sew buttons onto yarnbombed bike racks? I’d feel bad tampering with someone else’s work though.

  1. Great post and excellent photography 🙂 we saw a yarn bombed bike in a Belgian town and Diem said, take a photo for Helen, but i didn’t have my camera 😦 if we go back I will get you the photo. See you soon x

    • I carry my camera with me everywhere now just in case. The evolving nature of street art unfortunately means that if you go back later to get a photo of something you liked, it might not be there anymore 😦

    • Ah, that explains it. Although I like my idea of the feminist pom-pom makers better. It’s nice to see you back and I hope you’re doing well.

  2. Great yarn bomb spot Helen – we have yet to find any in Bath alas – perhaps it’s a chance for me to finally christen some knitting needles…

  3. It was done by the Craft Cartel. They describe themselves as “Craftivists pushing all that is irreverent, ironic, delightfully offensive & made lovingly by hand -flock ‘n’ flogs -trashbag rehab -podcast -legit markets -craftivism -general aceness. Strictly no cutesy craft crap or Rotarians x”.

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