An Artsy Weekend in Melbourne

It’s official: Melbourne is awesome. On Saturday I wandered through the Love, Evelyn Markets and the Rose Street Artist Market, picking out stuff I want to buy once I get paid. Until then, I can only justify spending money if it is something I would die without. (That list includes coffee, but not funky jewellery unfortunately, although I really tried to think around that one.)

In the evening I went to check out the Gertrude Street Projection Festival with some friends.  It’s on for another week so if you’re in Melbourne try to stop by. There are lots of fun animations, films and light displays projected on buildings all along the street. Light Lovers is fantastic, just try not to get run over by a tram while watching it.

Today I went along to a meeting of the Yarn Corner crew. They were yarnbombing the B.East burger bar in Brunswick East. It looked amazing, and I helped out a little by stitching together some of the granny squares on member Casey’s seat cover.


6 thoughts on “An Artsy Weekend in Melbourne

    • Yes, I have seen them but it was a long time ago, in my first few weeks in Melbourne when I was staying in a YHA close to the river. Have they been yarnbombed?

      Re the Caitlin Moran book, let me know if you figure out how to use your kindle app and then I’ll see if I can figure out how to send books to other devices 🙂

    • I bet that’s a great place to go shopping. I love artists markets. We didn’t really have anything like that in Edinburgh, except at Christmas time, so I’m really enjoying being in a city now where there’re markets every weekend.

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