Normal Service Resumed

So, where did I leave you? That’s right…stranded in Perth while I continued gallivanting around WA then the South Island of New Zealand.

Sorry about that. I really am very sorry.

I’m back in Melbourne now and planning to stay here for a long time. Even though I don’t have an internet connection in the house, I think it will be easier to stay on top of things (blogging, I mean) now that I’m not moving all over the place anymore.

Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to: in Perth I had an amazing run of good luck. I got a job and a room in a flat for the exact length of time that I needed them. I found a great group of people to hang around with and got back in touch with some friends from school and Edinburgh and Russia(!) that I hadn’t seen for ages.

The weather was amazing, so good in fact that I think it has ruined me. In my last week in Perth when it finally got a bit colder, I morphed into one of those whiny British people that wears their summer jacket from home in winter in Australia and complains how cold it is. It was 16 degrees. Freezing!

I grumbled about going to New Zealand, where I’d heard there would be snow. Sure it would be nice to go on holiday with my parents, but why couldn’t we have flown north to the sunshine? (You see? Whiny.)

But New Zealand was beautiful in winter: all snow capped mountains and mirror lakes. It was worth feeling as though we were living inside a refrigerator. We went to all the places you might expect: Queenstown, Milford Sound, Dunedin and Christchurch, which were all interesting and beautiful in their own ways, but the surprise star of the trip was Oamaru. Have you even heard of it? The only reason we stopped there was because it was midway between Dunedin and Christchurch which made it a good place to overnight.

It was awesome! It’s the home of New Zealand’s Steampunk Headquarters!!! How cool is that? (It also begs the question, where are the other Steampunk Headquarters in the world?). The Victorian town centre had a European feel and was full of arty shops that sold homemade soaps and hand bound notebooks and locally made jewellery. Alas, during the winter months the Steampunk HQ and many of the shops and cafés were only open at weekends. We arrived on a Monday so just missed out.

My only slight consolation was to imagine that all the business and workshop owners were occupied with their artistic pursuits. I’d hate to think that they were sunbathing in Bali while we gazed forlornly through their darkened shop windows, our breath condensing on the cold glass.

I’ll just have to go back in summer.


6 thoughts on “Normal Service Resumed

  1. I’ve been down to Dunedin but I definitely want to do the full South Island experience – I’m thinking in Summer, though! I’d love to see Fiordland and spend some time soaking up the scenery.

    I know exactly the feeling of wearing a coat when all around are in vests and shorts! And the opposite; the first year I lived in Auckland, I wore little more than a T and shorts all winter as it was so much warmer than the Northern washout summer I’d left in England!

    Definitely looking forward to more posts!

    • I think in summer it would be a very different experience. The scenery would still be amazing but you wouldn’t have to worry about icy road conditions or elbow your way through crowds of snow sports enthusiasts to get anywhere. Actually, you’d probably have to contend with crowds of hikers instead…

    • You should definitely go there if you’re on South Island. I think it might be too soon for me to go back when you’re there. I’ve still got loads of Australia to see first! Can’t wait to see you soon too! xxx

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