West Coast Road Trip Part 2: Dolphins at Monkey Mia

The next morning we got up early and snuck quietly out of the parking bay where we had spent the night. That is, we got out as quietly as we could in our ancient, growling campervan.

We refuelled and headed back to Geraldton, lesson learnt. After that, we always made sure we had plenty of fuel and water and I regularly texted my parents to update them on our itinerary.

The following night we stayed in a 24 hour rest stop at the side of the highway. These rest stops are the best kind of free camping you can get on the west coast: you don’t have to stray off course to get to them, nor do you need a four wheel drive to access them. There are public toilets there and plenty of people around for company.

We made it to Monkey Mia on our third day on the road. This is a beach resort where dolphins swim up to the shore three times a day to be fed by the rangers. The beach was also visited by pelicans and emus.


4 thoughts on “West Coast Road Trip Part 2: Dolphins at Monkey Mia

  1. Texting is a good plan! Stay safe.
    I haven’t seen a dolphin yet, seen a shark and a pod of orcas had a nose around my daughter and her surf squad. Dolphins would be cool.

    • Yeah, the dolphins were fun. While the rangers were feeding the mums, the baby dolphins were messing around, leaping out of the water and swimming backwards.

      Agh! I don’t much fancy seeing a shark. Unless it was from the safety of a high viewing platform with a fence all round it.

      Orcas sound great though. What an amazing experience for your daughter. After watching Free Willy when I was a kid, it was a dreamt for a long time of swimming with orcas 🙂

    • Yeah, it was really cool. We were standing calf deep in the water and the dolphins were swimming a couple of metres away from us.

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