Tasmania Photo Diary Day 6

Day 6: We headed up the coast to the Garden on the Bay of Fires. I clambered over some rocks to this beach which I had entirely to myself. I stripped down to my underwear and went for a swim.



12 thoughts on “Tasmania Photo Diary Day 6

    • Thank you! It was a busy week in Tasmania. I took hundreds of photos so it’s been hard deciding which ones to post.

    • Hi Anna

      Great to hear from you! I only thought to go to Tasmania because you recommended it so highly. It was indeed beautiful. Thanks for telling me about MONA. It was amazing.

    • The whole east coast of Tasmania was gorgeous. Because parts of it were quite difficult to access we found many beaches that were deserted.

    • Yeah, it’s a really nice spot to get out to if you have a car. Maybe you can hit Tasmania next time you’re in Aus πŸ™‚

  1. It’s great to hear your adventures. The beach looks beautiful. I’ve just been to a deserted beach too – on the far side of Iona, so there’s no danger of me stripping down to my underwear and swimming. I did fall in the bog a couple of times, though!
    Looking forward to seeing your photo of black swans when you get a better connection. x

    • Even though it’s summer over here it was actually pretty cold in Tasmania. One day I was wearing two t-shirts, my pyjama top and a cardigan. That day was luckily a warm one πŸ™‚

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