Tasmania Photo Diary Day 3

Day 3: Driving up the east coast of Tasmania I frequently had to steer round dead wallabies on the road. We saw plenty of live wallabies at Freycinet National Park which were so used to humans they barely looked up from eating when we walked past. Please universe, may they never end up as road kill.


The Peninsula Circuit is a two day hike taking in some of Freycinet's beautiful isolated beaches.

It was a challenging walk where we sometimes had to scramble up slippery granite river beds or hoist ourselves over fallen trees. I had to laugh when we reached the campsite and saw this sign. Has anyone ever managed to get that far with a rifle tucked under their arm? Or a poodle for that matter?

This is where we set up our tent at Cook's Bay after completing the first part of the Peninsula Circuit. The love heart made of shells was already there when we arrived. I imagined a young couple had camped there before us and sat looking out over the sea as the sun went down. It was definitely a very romantic spot.


4 thoughts on “Tasmania Photo Diary Day 3

  1. Awww! Poor wallabies.
    The sign posts reminded me of when we walked around Glen Nevis (?) yonks ago now – my daughter posed by a sign which said “danger of death” to those who continued beyond it. Needless to add, we turned around and gladly trotted back down.
    Great post (no pun intended). Sad start but very happy ending!

  2. I think a danger of death sign might have made me more curious to continue beyond it and see what all the fuss was about. I was in a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne and there was a sign on one of the doors saying “Forbidden Zone.” I was so tempted to go in there!

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