Blogoversary 3

Three years of blogging, 188 posts (that’s a nice number, isn’t it?) and 25049 hits. I’m hoping for exactly three more hits in the next 35 minutes so that by the end of today I’ll be on 25052, a palindrome, which is a very very nice sort of number indeed.

Since my blogoversary falls on Halloween, here’s a creepy video in keeping with the spooky theme of the day. It’s Thrill the World Melbourne, which took place yesterday. It looks great, doesn’t it? Man, that’s a complicated dance. I know some people who took part this year. I practiced with them a little in the run up to the event. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to join in. It’ll definitely take me the full 12 months to master the steps!


9 thoughts on “Blogoversary 3

  1. Hi Helen, great video – and huge congrats on the threeyearversary. We mis you terribly back here in Auld Reekie, in fact we had to cancel STF last month. Very much enjoying your reports from Dahnundah. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Hope your Halloween was spookytacular! It would be very cool if you got to take part in the dance next year – and post the vid! Thought of like that, a year seems a long time but I know it will fly for you.

  3. I reached exactly 25052 hits yesterday! I’m ridiculously happy about such a silly little thing. Happier still to read your encouraging comments.

    Oh Colin, I miss you all too. I’ll need to look for a writers’ group here in Oz, although of course it won’t be a patch on STF.

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  5. Congratulations on your tri-blogoversary! “Three is a magic number”….

    The dance looks way too complex for my mal-connected brain to comprehend! Good luck getting the steps mastered for next year!

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