Banana Me Beautiful by Emily Dodd

I don’t think anyone at the launch of Banana Me Beautiful last night could have got through the whole evening without falling in love with Emily Dodd just a little bit.

How can you not love a person who interrupts an intense silence after a poetry reading to sing a song about a horse whose poo smells of roses (complete with whinnying and prrrrr-ing at the chorus); who thinks it’s more important to dress for children than for the Queen when both are in the audience and who, during high school art lessons when everyone else is painting still life fruit, makes a series of artworks featuring a depressed banana character?

The horse song and the depressed banana drawings are published in Emily’s debut poetry collection, Banana Me Beautiful. The photo of her meeting the Queen, wearing a ‘cartoon punk’ dress with puffin puppets on her fingers and children at her feet, is not.

The book is divided into three sections which contain writing, art and photography from three different periods in her life: age 9-11, 15-18 and 25-28. It documents her journey as a writer and a person and, although I have only read the first section so far, I already feel touched that she has shared such a personal journey with the world. The diary entry at the end of part one made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Banana Me Beautiful is available as an e-book from Chipmunka Publishing for £5. If you buy a copy you will be supporting a wonderful writer and artist and a publisher that raises awareness of mental health issues and encourages society to listen. The physical book paperback will be out in six months.


11 thoughts on “Banana Me Beautiful by Emily Dodd

  1. Hi pleased to come across your blog this morning..being a scottish kids author myself was so pleased to read your blog..Emily Dodd’s work sounds amazing..will definetly look her up..i also work as a nurse in a very busy very rewarding mental health ward and so anyone who brings mental health into their writing is just spot on in my eyes..thank you..ELiza Keating

    • Hi Eliza, I’m pleased that you found my blog too 🙂 Emily’s book is beautiful and I highly recommend reading it.

    • Yes, it was a really great evening. I enjoyed your reading and I’m sorry I didn’t manage to catch up with you to say hello. I’m sure I’ll run into you in some other literary Edinburgh events in the future though!

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    • Hi Alison, I’m afraid I’m not going to make it to the Literary Death Match tomorrow night. Unbound this year – just like last year – has been brilliant so I’m sure it will be a fun evening. I’ll hopefully catch up with you at one of the other sessions.

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