Sprucing Up

I’m tidying up my blog a bit which is why the categories are a bit of a mess at the moment. Bear with me and I’ll get it all worked out soon.

I’ve been wondering about deleting some of the older posts where I’ve offered writing advice or an opinion that I no longer stand by. Do you think that’s dishonest? The great thing about blogs is that you can see how the author has progressed and grown over the months/years. Is hiding the messy past by deleting old posts cheating?

Then again, surely one of the advantages of writing for the web rather than for print is that you can delete things that in hindsight you wish you’d never written. God, wouldn’t it be great if you could do that in real life? Just erase things that you said in the past that you didn’t really mean or that make you ashamed now?  Did I really say I thought Atomic Kitten were good singers? ERASE! That’ll put an end to my sister’s mocking.

It turns out it’s a moot point. As I’ve been going through posts and recategorising them (trying to make things a bit more streamlined around here), there have been hardly any that I thought were bad enough to merit deletion, which is encouraging.

OK, I did annihilate two posts but I’m not telling you which ones and you’ll probably never miss them because they were crap anyway.

Anything you wish you’d never said/written? Would you undo it if you could?


8 thoughts on “Sprucing Up

  1. I think we’ve all said things we wish we could have had a do-over with.

    The only rough equivalent to this was when I was copying blogs over to blogspot from Myspace where I started. I decided to leave a couple of blogs uncopied, largely because I thought they were pointless to hold onto.

    • Thanks William. Nice to know I’m not the only one who’s walked away from a conversation giving myself a mental head-slap. Some of my posts are also pretty pointless now: links to writing competitions or events that are over. I haven’t deleted these posts but I’ve resolved to tweet such things in the future and keep them off the blog.

  2. One of the reasons not to delete old posts is that the url will still exist and people may find it and come to your blog via a dead link which may put them off browsing – not sure how much of an issue that is though! I’m inclined to rewrite and recycle old posts rather than delete them. Twitter as you say is a great way of sharing timely information that can become outdated

    • Ah, good point, Juliet. You’re right, I don’t want a lot of messy dead links. I think instead of deleting old posts I will do as you suggested and rewrite them if necessary to reflect my changed views. The older posts don’t get a lot of traffic anyway so I could probably just leave them as they are.

  3. One thing we should always remember is that we have the right to change our minds. And why not, as we grow and learn so do our opinions. I don’t see anything wrong with deleting posts if you no longer agree with something you’ve previously written.

  4. I’ve often wondered about this… I don’t think it’s dishonest as such, people change over time and hey – your blog is exactly what you want it to be, you are in control, so it’s up to you what stays and what doesn’t.
    I think another option would be to edit posts with a link-forward to other posts on the same topic. I’ll often link back to previous posts (or across) but there’s nothing stopping you going back and editing old posts to include a link to your further development on the same train of thought.
    I think this is maybe what I would do if I could bear to read over my old stuff heehee 😛

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