Who Wrote It?

A pupil went into my mum’s library today and asked her who wrote Dante’s Inferno. She said it reminded her of the time when another pupil asked who the author of Anne Frank’s diary was. Before my mum could reply, the pupil’s friend cut in: “It was her dad, wasn’t it?”

Here’s a little quiz I found so you can test your author knowledge. Notice that it is the easy quiz. I crashed and burned in the hard one.


4 thoughts on “Who Wrote It?

  1. I think I need to work up to the easy quiz – maybe there’s a Easy a). one….

    Kids say the funniest things. I asked my son a stupid question today – he’s two – and I asked if he remembered when he was small enough to have a high chair. He just said – want to talk about diggers. Nice to know I’m that boring!

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