Unconventional Publishing

I’ve heard that it’s getting harder and harder for new writers to break into the world of traditional publishing and that they’re having to explore new ways of getting their work out there. But posting your novel page by page on New York City lampposts? Or tattooing the words from your story on 2000 volunteers? Whatever next?

What unconventional method would you use to get your writing out there? I’m thinking skywriting. Or projecting it onto Edinburgh castle…  Neither of these are cheap options so a more DIY mode of distribution would be to convert my manuscript into confetti using a hole punch and scatter it through the city centre. Not sure anybody would be able to read it though, unless I wrote in teeny tiny writing.


6 thoughts on “Unconventional Publishing

  1. I could see skywriting a 60 000 word novel might run up the bills. Hence you’d have to pull a Danny Ocean and knock over a casino…

  2. Taking into account fines for littering and similar – it would have to be something biodegradable – such as getting a job in a coffee chain and stencilling your MS in cocoa powder….get a job delivering speciality coffee to the agent of your dreams, even better…ooh, now I’m thinking about it, the possibilities are endless!

    • Ooh good idea. I hadn’t thought about fines, or the environmental issues involved. Silly me. What about reverse graffiti? That’s all the rage now, isn’t it? Cleaning up an urban area and spreading your novel around at the same time sounds good to me.

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