Sunday Writing Challenge #2

I wanted to write about daffodils, my favourite flowers, but I couldn’t quite get it right. I was thinking of yellow stars and blazes of pollen like comet trails, or maybe an orchestra of silent trumpets. Anyway, that didn’t work out. Next I returned to an image from a short story I once wrote and came up with:

Branches a black scrawl
till the first buds pop
colouring in spring

I also wanted to try writing haikus with even fewer syllables. Simple, silent, calm – that’s what I was going for:

Bridges cast off
the sea har
reflect the sun

Sun lingers
Points of light
on the Forth

Did anyone else write a spring/autumn haiku this week?

For next Sunday I’m going to try writing a poem in terza rima. The simplest form, I believe, would be five lines with the rhyme pattern A-B-A,  B-B. You can have more verses – check out the wikipedia page on terza rima for the rules.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Challenge #2

  1. Oh, I like the last one! ‘Points of light on the Forth,’ lovely.
    I’m inspired – maybe I’ll have a go at an Autumn one next Sunday.

    • Thanks! I think the last one’s my favourite too, and it’s the one I spent the least time on. I think there is such a thing as trying too hard. Oh yes, please do have a go at an autumn haiku. I’d love to read it.

  2. I didn’t forget this – I just remembered at either side of the time difference: a day too soon and a day too late!

    I will post for definite next Sunday (I know this because I have it written and just need a note on my eyelids!).

    I really like your description of the sea in the first one; that poem has a lot of depth (no pun intended) for such a short piece. The more I read it, the more it means. Wonderful.

    Now, to get my head around a thirteen hour time difference…

    • Hi Rachel, don’t worry about the time difference. You can post on your Sunday, or indeed on any day. I’m looking forward to reading your poem.

  3. Nice haikus, Helen. Really like the art theme in the first one.

    Mine’s, of course, is quite silly:

    Axis tilts to sun,
    Young lambs jump up and down, bleat:
    “Come on, tilt faster!”

    • Thanks Talli! Are you kidding? You’re so productive, I don’t believe for one moment that you’re lazy. I think you probably just have a lot of other writing projects to focus on and that’s great 🙂

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