Literary Love Quiz

Do you remember me blogging about the Genomics Forum Poetry Competition last August? Well, the winners have recently been announced and you’ll note that the first-placed poem is indeed shaped like a DNA helix!

I’m not a romantic person, not at all, and I woke up this morning wondering what the Valentine’s day equivalent of “Bah, humbug” is. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem appropriate to blog on February 14th without throwing in some reference to love or romance, so here is a literary love quiz.

My score was shocking, 3 out of 10. I think that says more about my knowledge of English literature than my romantic nature, though.


13 thoughts on “Literary Love Quiz

  1. Well done Crafty Green Poet and SF. Can anyone beat those scores? More importantly, will anyone get a worse score than I did? Surely I’m not the only literary dumb-dumb 😦

    • Sorry Helen, I thought I was going to be able to keep you company. I haven’t read a one of them, and I just guessed them all. Got 6-out-of-10. Oops.

    • Damn you, Stuart. I’ve read one of the books and I still scored less than you. What kind of a stupid quiz is this anyway? Maybe I should write my own…

    • Stuart guessed and got six out of ten so it might have been worth a shot. It was quite a difficult quiz. Even if you had read the books, your memory would have to be very good to retain all the information you needed to complete the quiz.

    • Tell me about it! Pride & Prejudice is one of my favourite books but I was sweating over how many times Elizabeth Bennet had been engaged.

  2. I received 2 out of 10. Honestly, the only answer I was certain of was Elizabeth Browning. I guess that means I’m even less romantic than you are. Oh well, so sad, too bad, somewhere over the rainbow. LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Helen. Hope you have a terrific week.

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