Genomics Forum Poetry Competition 2010

I’ve long been a believer that the sciences and the arts go hand in hand, that one can inspire the other. I think too often we define ourselves as being either artistic or scientific when in fact both are about creation and discovery.

The Genomics Forum Poetry Competition challenges you to write a poem inspired by the mapping of the human genome, on the theme of ‘improving the human.’

Go ahead and prove me right, prove that science has a place in art and art a place in science. Meirion Jordan talked about reclaiming the moon. What do you want to reclaim?


9 thoughts on “Genomics Forum Poetry Competition 2010

  1. Yes, go for it! I’ve been noting down sciency words which sound pleasing in preparation. Wondering if I can pull off something gimmicky like a poem shaped like a DNA helix. Probably not.

  2. A limerick eh, Talli? Yeah, I think you should try it. The competion allows up to fifty lines so you could do 10 consecutive limericks. I’ll even give you the first line:

    There once was a DNA base pair…

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the results too, Jennifer. Once the winning poem is up on the Genomics Forum website I’ll post another link so that everyone can check it out.

  4. Hi Pippa, thanks for stopping by. That’s a great poem, the shape of it really ties in with the content and it’s humorous too. Very inspiring. I thought I’d have to start writing backwards to replicate the twist in the structure of DNA but I see shardcore has managed to create the shape with all the words reading from left to right.

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