New Writery Stuff

The Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Awards are open for applications from unpublished writers living in Scotland. £2000 and the chance to work with a writing mentor? Not to be sneezed at.

Previous winners of the award are starting up a New Writers Blog where they’ll be writing about literary projects they’ve been involved with, events and workshops they’ve found useful, and posting samples of their work. The first post, where Billy Letford talks about writing poetry under roof tiles, went up on Tuesday.

I’ll be reading one of my short stories at the Book Festival this year as part of Story Shop. My slot is 4pm on Sunday 22nd August. If you’re around, come along. As nerve wracking as it is to read in front of people, I think it would be worse to be talking into an empty room. Story Shop is taking place every day during the festival so I’m going to catch as many of the readings as I can. I’m looking forward to hearing some brand new Scottish fiction.


4 thoughts on “New Writery Stuff

  1. Thanks Jennifer! There were two stories I had to choose between: one set in the middle of a forest in winter and the other in the south of Spain in summer. I went for the summery one in the end – it seems more appropraite for a reading in August – although it still needs a bit of a polish before it’s ready.

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