Tesco Bank Summer Read 2010

Whenever I visit my local library I always make a beeline for the ‘new releases’ table. Yesterday, however, the display of Tesco Bank Summer Read books caught my eye. Twenty new books set in Scotland or written by Scottish authors have been selected for a nationwide reading campaign. Readers can vote for their favourite title and go into a draw to win a Sony eReader. Edinburgh City Libraries is running a parallel competition encouraging readers to submit reviews of the shortlisted books to be in with a chance to win a copy of all twenty books.

Recently I have been to two Edinburgh City Reads events featuring shortlisted books What Becomes by A L Kennedy and Transition by Iain Banks.  In the run-up to the voting deadline on the 31st of August libraries across Scotland will be hosting events to support the Summer Read campaign and I’m looking forward to finding out more about the other 18 books on the shortlist.


3 thoughts on “Tesco Bank Summer Read 2010

  1. All all for supporting local authors. This is a wonderful idea, Helen. My community is so small that we have a bookmobile that comes by every month. The nearest library is about a 45 minute drive. I don’t get there often. Thank goodness for the bookmobile.

  2. No new releases section?! But Talli, how on earth do you decide what to read next?

    Laura, I’m so pleased to have a library close by. Apart from being able to get books (almost) whenever I want, the library is a good place to work.

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