Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

According to my diary, today is Shakespeare’s Birthday.  A quick check on wikipedia, however, reveals that Shakespeare’s true birth date is unknown. It is neverthless fitting to remember the playwright on the 23rd April as it marks the anniversary of his death. It may be a whopping 394 years since the Bard shuffled off this mortal coil but his legacy lives on in the way we use English today. Can you guess which of the following phrases were coined by Shakespeare?

  • Too much of a good thing
  • In the twinkling of an eye
  • A sorry sight
  • For goodness sake
  • Give up the ghost
  • It is high time

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

  1. That’s weird we don’t know his birthday. Funny that it coincides with St George’s day!

    I think the first two sound Shakespearey, but I wonder if you’re going to tell us they all are? You are going to tell us which ones are, aren’t you…?

  2. Yup, I will tell you which ones, don’t worry! I’m just going to let you wriggle with anticipation for a wee bit longer first 🙂
    Bonus points if you can identify not only the Shakespearean quotes but also the plays they come from.

  3. I’m going to say In a twinkling of an eye, a sorry sight and For Goodness sake.
    No idea what plays they might have come from..

  4. And the answers are (drum roll)…

    Too much of a good thing – As you Like It
    A sorry sight – Macbeth
    For goodness sake – Henry VIII

    The remaining three phrases come from the Bible:

    In the twinkling of an eye – 1 Corinthians 15:52
    Give up the ghost – Genesis 25: 8 and others
    It is high time – Romans 13:11

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