Branching Out

If you’ve stopped by My Writing Life in the last week or so it might look as though I’ve not been up to much. In fact, I have been working on two new sections for the blog: My Reading List and Edinburgh Tea Tours. I thought it was high time I showed myself to be the multi-faceted individual that I am. I am not just interested in writing but in books and tea too.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting feedback under these sections about some of the novels I’m reading and places where you can get a good cup of tea in Edinburgh. In no way do I consider myself qualified to review anyone else’s writing or tea-drinking establishment so I will be offering only my personal opinion/experience.  I would love to hear about your opinions and experiences of these books and tea rooms too!


6 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. Tea and books – what a perfect combination!
    I lived in Edinburgh for a little while a few years ago, so I’ll be following the tea tour for nostalgia’s sake.

  2. Great, and if you can suggest any tea rooms we could try that would be fab. I haven’t been in Edinburgh that long and there are still some areas that are completely unknown to me.

  3. Oh, that’s testing my memory … And I was a backpacker, so I didn’t exactly spread my wings.
    Of course, there’s the Elephant House, where JK Rowling used to write her Harry Potter manuscript. And there was this hippy place called The Forest, down on Grassmarket or somewhere.
    It’s all coming back…

  4. The Forest, good call! I’ve been there in the evenings for live music but never for tea. I’ll put that one on my list. And if the Elephant House was an inspiration to JK Rowling then maybe it will work for me too. Worth a visit anyway. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, bookwitch. I’ve been scouting out tea rooms in Edinburgh so there will be a few new additions to the Tea Tour soon.

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