Ticked Off

Yesterday I was meeting some family for lunch and they kept me waiting for an hour. I think it’s symptomatic of them not taking my writing seriously; not viewing it as a proper job. Part of the blame lies with me because I refer to days when I don’t have to do my paid job as days off, when in fact they are days when I have to write. I’m trying to redress this issue by saying, “Yes, I’m writing such-and-such” when people ask me if I’m working on a particular day. (Of course, what they mean is, am I doing my paid job?)

What blows me away is the complete injustice of it. Nobody in their right mind would expect me to take two hours away from an office job for lunch. Why should anyone think it is reasonable to keep me away from writing for two hours? Especially when the first of those hours is spent wandering around the shops, getting more and more annoyed with each minute that ticks by, waiting for the phone to ring.


4 thoughts on “Ticked Off

  1. Grrr, annoying.

    I think you’ve hit it on the head though. There’s a lot of folk out there who say they’re writing and aren’t (it’s the old Peter Cook joke: “Oh, you’re writing a novel. Neither am I.”), so when you say “I’m writing”, it often gets dismissed, either as a hobby, or as wishful thinking (like “I’m going to the gym”).
    Goal setting helps. In my experience, if you tell people you have a target or a deadline, and need to work to meet it, they’ll take it much more seriously than if you’re just vague about it.

  2. Yes, I think you are right. People do take you more seriously if you can name a deadline.
    I remember the first time someone said to me, “Oh, writing. That’s a nice hobby to have.” It still stings.

  3. A ‘nice hobby’! Ouch. Funny how some people will take ‘real’ jobs, like flipping burgers, more seriously than writing, which for most writers is a vocation.

    Apart from all that, one hour is too long to keep anyone waiting for lunch, slacker writer or not!

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