High Flying

Studies show that increasing the blood flow to the brain through physical exercise can help to improve your concentration and memory. Both of these are obviously very important for writers. How the heck am I supposed to get out 1000 words a day if I keep turning to look out the window and where did I leave my pen anyway?

I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been about two years since I had any regular exercise. That is until yesterday evening when I started a beginners’ trapeze course at the Big Red Door. This is my favourite venue in Edinburgh during the festival. You can sit down with a beer, enjoy some performance art and possibly get dragged onto the stage for some improvised acting out of a fairy story if you don’t manage to duck under a table quick enough when the cry comes out for “volunteers”.

In our first lesson yesterday we learned how to balance on the trapeze leaning both backwards and forwards into the rope. The important thing here, we were told, is to wedge the rope firmly between the buttocks or breasts if you have them, then you won’t fall off. We also tried hanging upside down with our knees folded over the bar.

Apparently hanging upside down is another way to get the blood flowing to your brain. That’s not why I’m doing trapeze lessons though. I just thought they sounded wicked cool.


3 thoughts on “High Flying

  1. It does sound wicked cool!! I almost thought you were making it up!! LOL

    I started doing pre-natal excercises almost everyday of the week, and how much better my focus during my writing with that little 30 minute break!

    Enjoy! 🙂

  2. It’s not so wicked cool the day after when your arms ache, though! I have my second session this evening and I’m looking forward to the trapeze bit. It’s the press ups we do before hand that are the killer!

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