Screen Lab 2010…

…is now taking applications. If you are thinking about a career in screenwriting then this is the course for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Here are my notes from Screen Lab 2009: Day 1, Day2, Day3.

This year there will be a whole day on adaptations. I have a note scribbled in the margin of one of my notebooks saying that 80% of last year’s films were adaptations so  it should be a very useful and informative course.


4 thoughts on “Screen Lab 2010…

  1. It is a brilliant course; informative and very inspiring. It’s not so much about how to write a script, more what to do before and after, and what attitude to take. Adrian has a few related podcasts up on the Scottish Book Trust website, but they don’t really do the course justice.

    The other good thing about Screenlab? You’ll get to make lots of wonderful new writer friends!!

  2. A very late prowl in from the blog birthday party at Nicola’s place – but you should not have mentioned “Edinburgh” or I would not be here at all! It’s a lovely, lovely city!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Cat. Edinburgh is indeed a lovely city and there are loads of writing events happening for me to blog about. I hope you found something interesting here!

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