The Scottish Poetry Library

What better way to spend an afternoon than sitting around reading magazines? And when you can call it “market research” and count it as work then it’s all the more satisfying. I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours in the Scottish Poetry Library today combing through their large selection of journals, trying to find markets for an interview I’m working on but also reading short stories and poems when the mood grabbed me. The library is completely free to use so if you are in Edinburgh and poetry floats your boat I would definitely recommend a visit. I’m going to keep going back to browse through some jourals that I like (Ambit, The Edinburgh Review, Gutter…) and to be inspired by the library’s huge collection of poems.


5 thoughts on “The Scottish Poetry Library

  1. I hear ya, Jennifer. My degree was in chemistry. I used to sit in the library surrounded by stacks of Organometallics journals and scribble ideas for short stories in my notebook. I should have realised something was wrong then but it took another couple of years…

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