Home Sweet Home

Sorry about my recent absence from the blogosphere. Over the last few weeks I have been very busy getting settled into my new flat. Now that it is beginning to feel like home (and now that my internet connection has been set up), I am ready to rejoin the world.

It’s a very quirky flat, but I like it. The bathroom is triangular, which I think is fun. My guests say optimistically, “It’s a great use of space!” None of the doors close properly – something to do with subsidence – and you can see that someone has sawn a wedge off the bottom of the living room door and glued it to the top to try to make the door sit neatly in its frame. It still scrapes across the floorboards when you try to close it. The uneven floor means the bookshelf in my bedroom is tipped slightly forward, as though it is about to spit all my books out onto the carpet. I find it amusing. An irritated bookshelf that can’t stand the volumes stuffed in its face.

I love the area I’ve moved to. My new addiction is browsing in charity shops. There are loads on the street adjacent to mine. I’ve bought books, clothes, bags and the aforementioned bookshelf, all on the cheap. My local library is five minutes walk away, the cinema four-and-a-half. I haven’t figured out where the nearest gym is yet, but I’ll do it soon. Probably. And now that I’ve worked out the routes of the buses that stop on my street, I’ve been able to explore more of the city.

All in all, I’m feeling very comfortable here and am excited about getting back into a writing routine. Further posts about my writing life will be published here soon.


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yaaay
    Glad you’re settling in. Liking the sounds of your crazy fun-house flat.
    In the movie The Haunting, the old mansion has no straight angles and all the doors are tilted so that they slam shut on their own.
    Did your HIPS report mention ghosts at all?

  2. No sign of any ghosts yet. The most terrifying thing here is the electricity meter which clicks loudly at regular intervals and goes crazy when I boil the kettle. Every time I make a cup of tea I get scared about how expensive my electricity bill is going to be.

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