You Have Been Warned!

I just about had a heart attack today when I turned on my laptop and couldn’t log on. I kept getting an error message saying that my User Profile couldn’t be loaded. Thankfully I found the solution on an internet forum and after a few tries I managed to restore the system.

While I was searching for help I was cursing myself for not backing up my files more regularly. My novel-in-progress is the only document that I backup every week.  If it had been a more serious problem I could have lost two or three short stories, several unfinished scripts and some important application letters, not to mention all my photos and music.

I’ve learned my lesson now and I’m off to backup my files. The next time I have computer problems I might not be so lucky!


6 thoughts on “You Have Been Warned!

  1. Yes, backup!
    I am paranoid, but I even send my files to my mom to keep on her computer. And I cart a key around with me with all my writing on it….yes, i know, paranoid!

  2. I know how that goes, Helen! I lost 75 pages when my computer crashed. Lesson? Back it up, back it up, back it up!


  3. Yes, I remember you mentioning that on your blog, Little Red Writer. I should have backed up then but you never think it will happen to you…

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