Chips and Stan

Do you remember I blogged about that Writing for Graphic Novels workshop last month? Well, the reason I got interested in graphic novels in the first place is because my brother is always leaving scraps of paper with drawings of aliens and monsters on them lying around the house. If you put down an envelope or notebook you might pick it up again later to find space weapons doodled all over it.

Chips and Stan page 12

IMG_0603I was convinced that he would really enjoy writing a graphic novel so I asked him to make me one for my birthday. The thing with teenage boys is, if you want them to do anything, you have to go on and on and on and on at them about it until they get so sick of hearing you whine that they just do whatever it is you asked them to. (My mum hasn’t figured this out yet which is why she still periodically does my brother’s laundry or clears the dirty dishes out of his bedroom for him).

After frequent reminders and bouts of emotional blackmail, Chips and Stan in The Night of the Psychotic Tentacle was born. It’s hand drawn  in pencil on printer paper and I think it’s just brilliant. I’ve read it several times and it still  makes me laugh. It is the best birthday present I’ve ever received. And of course it’s great to see how motivated my brother is now that he has completed a project. He’s working on some animations now and I hope there will be some Chips and Stan sequels coming soon.

So, the moral of the story is, if you nag someone enough they’ll eventually do what you want you don’t have to have a degree in art or English or special computer software to write a graphic novel. Just grab a pencil and some paper and get drawing!


5 thoughts on “Chips and Stan

  1. wow – that is so much fun! I was an only child for the better part of my life, and all my siblings have such creativity I am seeing now. Enjoy it!

    I think about sometimes trying to do some illustrations to illuminate my own work (just for myself), yet i have not had the courage (as I lack skill).

  2. I think illustrating your own work is a great idea, Jennifer. Don’t worry about lack of skill, just have fun with it. I’ve been thinking about doing a short course in bookbinding because I would like to find other ways of combining my creativity with my writing.

  3. Your brother has excellent influences!
    That’s the evil Purple Tentacle from the “Day of the Tentacle” computer game, and Chips and Stan are more or less “Sam & Max: Freelance Police” – a gun-totting dog detective and his psychotic rabbit-type thing sidekick. They’re best known as computer game characters, but they started in comicbooks. The Complete Sam & Max is well worth looking for – it’s completely insane (including instructions on how to escape jail by carving your own machine gun out of bars of soap).

  4. Ah, computer game references.This does not surprise me at all. When my brother is not leaving a paper trail of drawings around the house he is shut in his bedroom with tinny bleeps and machine gun noise filtering out from under the door.

  5. I will, Helen. One day…

    Bookbinding! Sounds great! I would love to do an art restoration program, the paper element of course. Nothing in my area for it though…a girl can dream 🙂

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