Postcards and Poetry

I love collecting postcards, especially the free ones you get in cafes and youth hostels. They make good souvenirs.

My collection started when I was a baby on holiday in Italy with my parents. As well as the two droll postcards they sent home for me (Dear Helen, You won’t remember being here but I carried you over these ancient stones. I hope you will do the same for your old mother some day! Dear Helen, Here is a picture of your hotel where you are having a marvelous holiday. Some day you must bring poor Mum and Dad back!), there was also the handful I grabbed off a display stand at the market while no one was looking and shoved down the side of my buggy. I never liked to pay for my postcards.

I picked up the most recent addition to my collection, a postcard advertising the BBC’s Poetry Season website, at the library today. Well, I thought, if the BBC is going to hand out free postcards, the least I can do is have a look at their website.  It was well worth stopping by. I enjoyed reading poems by Carol Anne Duffy and Roger McGough (to name only two), found out about slamming events happening around the country, and watched videos offering advice on reading, writing and performing poetry. I’ve posted Dreadlock Alien’s video on performing poetry below because I think it has some useful advice for anyone who has to read their work before an audience and because I think that poetry in particular can be made much more accessible when it is read in an engaging way. I loved hearing Mark Thomson perform his poems and although I’ve enjoyed reading them too, they don’t sound quite as good in my head as they did when they were read out loud by the poet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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