Guardian Orange First Words Competition

Miss Read, Sofluid and Laurence Timms have all done it, so I’m going to do it too. Here goes:

If Sebastian hadn’t died, if I hadn’t developed the photographs, if her blood hadn’t spurted in an incriminating arc against my window pane. But all that is behind me now.  The reflected lights from the harbour squiggle through the water towards the boat like electric eels. We are told to get our documents ready. I fumble in my bag for the passport. My fingers close round it, the unfamiliar hard edges. The photo inside is of a brown haired woman with tired eyes, who could almost be me but is not. As the boat scrapes against the dock I say my new name out loud for the first time. It burns in the cold air in front of me. It consumes me. This is what it feels like to let go.

There is an explanation for this craziness and you can find it here.


7 thoughts on “Guardian Orange First Words Competition

  1. That left me wanting more. A tasty morsel.

    Is there any more of that, or is it (like mine) an island in the stream?

    One question: in the first sentence you refer to ‘Sebastian’ and ‘her’ – presumably not the same person? Is ‘her’ a person as yet un-named? It’s just that I had to read that line twice to make sure I understood it.

  2. Thank you! Just an island, I’m afraid. Oops, yeah, Sebastian and ‘her’ are two different people. I don’t know who either of them are, but I wanted there to be some open questions to give the impression that this could be the start of a novel.

  3. Helen, I love it! I read my blogger-friends’ posts and I cringe (is that the right word to use?) with eagerness. You all write so lovely. It’s like…biting into a secret piece of chocolate.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, Little Red Writer and Michelle. I feel very encouraged now. In fact, I’m going to stop messing around on the internet right this minute and go get on with some more writing!

  5. Hello!

    I really like your novel opening, it created just the right amount of intruigue and made me want to know more! Are you going to continue with it? I don’t think I shall continue with mine… far too busy with my screenwriting projects at the moment to get stuck into a novel!

  6. Thanks! No, I’m not going to continue with it. I’m working on another novel at the moment which I really really have to finish before I distract myself with another project.

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