Internal Editor

I’ve just read a great article on the Daily Writing Tips website that I had to share with you. The next time you find yourself going over the same paragraph in a short story again and again, rearranging the words in a single sentence umpteen times and ratcheting one comma back and forth, read How to Bypass Your Internal Editor and get yourself moving forward again. It’s OK to be a perfectionist but there is a time and a place for everything and usually the really nit-picky editing is better left until the first draft is complete.

In my own experience, setting myself a writing goal, such as 2000 words in two hours, stops my internal editor from kicking in because I have to concentrate all my effort just on getting the words out. I have also found that writing with pen and paper helps. It’s easy on the computer screen to delete and rearrange text but I don’t want to mess up my beautiful notebooks by scribbling through sentences and squashing words in the margins.


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