Good News!

I got a place on Screen Lab so I’m over the moon about that. It’s a three day course for budding screenwriters interested in finding out more about the craft and about how to break into the industry. It takes place at the end of February so I will write another post then to let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I will be reviewing my copy of Making It As A Screenwriter, which is written by the Screen Lab leader Adrian Mead.

I downloaded it during my stint in Andalucia and worked through it chapter by chapter, trying to do the “Must Do Stuff” whenever possible.  Some things, reading scripts online and writing five minutes a day, are easy and enjoyable. Other things, like scheduling in internet breaks and not letting “research” on the internet cut into your writing time are harder – for me anyway.

I recognise myself in Mead’s description of the “Amoeba Writer”. That is, I need a stimulus before I react. If there is a writing competition deadline coming up then I will work like crazy to have my entry ready, but if there are no writing opportunities on the horizon then I will lose the motivation to write every day. In fact, even though I knew about  Screen Lab back in December, it was only in the last week before the deadline that I got my application (CV, covering letter and 3 minute script) together. Ah well. There are worse things to be than an amoeba I suppose –  a splotch of primordial goo, for example.


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