Toddler Waddler

I breathed a sigh of relief last Thursday when I got my Mslexia Women’s Short Story Writing Competition entry in the post, then I got cracking on my submission to Screen Lab. The application has to include a writing CV so I’ll be printing mine onto a post-it note.

I’ve only ever had to write a standard  CV before so I searched around on the internet for some advice on how to create a writing CV.  The most useful article I found was How to Create a Writer’s Profile by Adair Jones at suite 101, which advises including a section on Achievements and Awards. I won a couple of minor poetry competitions when I was in high school so I spent last night looking for the certificates so that I can list them on my CV.

While I was looking through the folders full of school reports, newspaper clippings, certificates and drawings from when I was a child, I stumbled across a “book” that I made when I was five.  It’s about a plucky young duck called Toddler Waddler on her first day at nursery.  It’s too difficult to read the story from the photograph below so here is a transcription:

Toddler Waddler Starts Nursery – One day Toddler Waddler went to nursery. It was her first time. She thought how nice it would be. She thought of all the wee hamsters and (buggies? / babies?). How nice it would be when she got there. She couldn’t wait.

It’s a sweet story I think, and not at all like my own first day at nursery, which I spent crying for my mummy. I don’t think we had a hamster either, just a mean budgie.

I’ve just noticed that Toddler Waddler the duck has four legs. How bizarre.


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