I check my e-mail around ten times a day. Actually, I have two e-mail accounts so that’s twenty checks per day. Then there are the different social networking sites I log onto two or three times a day. I frequently stop what I am doing to read the news online. All in all, I probably spent more time on the internet than I do writing. And even when I am seriously writing, I keep having to go online to look up random facts.

Then, today, the network went down. Yay! Finally I could concentrate on my work without any distractions. Not so. Every ten minutes I had to check if there was a connection. I restarted my computer several times to see if that would help. It didn’t. I tried to work on a short story but I was convinced that I was wasting my time. How could I possibly write anything worth reading if I wasn’t able to consult the online thesaurus or check that there was indeed such a thing as a steel mortuary table?

Thankfully, someone came to fix the problem and the internet was up and running again by lunchtime. At last I was able to get on with my writing! But not until I had checked my e-mail first.


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