Travel Mug

I finally hit the 50 000 words and as a reward I have ordered myself a NaNoWriMo travel mug. I have been looking forward to this for ages! Every now and again while struggling with my novel, I would open up a picture of the travel mug and gaze longingly at it; knowing that such a beautiful prize would be mine spurred me on. I have spent many blissful moments imagining my future with my travel mug: me and my travel mug on a bench in the park; me and my travel mug at a picnic on the beach; me and my travel mug winning the Nobel Prize for literature. Last night, I even dreamed about it! How nice that my dream is soon to come true (I mean ownership of a travel mug and not the Nobel Prize, of course).


2 thoughts on “Travel Mug

  1. The reason that I’m writing to you is because my fiance also had a mug like that and it happened to be her favorite. About twenty minutes ago, I carelessly placed it too near the edge of a windowsill and it fell to the floor and shattered. The look on her face I’ve never seen before, that of near tears and deep despair. Though I’ve apologized I feel that it isn’t enough, I would really like to replace the mug. Upon further research I’ve discovered that it was a limited release mug and could prove to be near impossible to locate a replacement. While I’ll understand your reluctance to accept, I’m willing to offer payment, but I would like to request that you allow me to procure your mug. As it is an exact copy of the one that I broke. I know this may be impossible; especially after reading your heartfelt post, but I have to try. Please respond soon. I’m eager to see her face light up once more.


    Steven Phillips

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