There has been some serious cheating going on in the last few days as I try to reach for 50 000 words. Favourite things to do are to write gobbeldy gook when I can’t think of the right English word:

She had the height advantage but even so she felt overwhelmed by the aksjdf woman.

to write notes to myself amongst the text:

She imagined herself hitting him over the head with it (why? she doesn’t know that this is a bad guy).

and to redraft a sentence or a paragraph but not delete the original resulting in duplications:

He saw himself how Sophie saw him and he was disgusted. He saw what Sophie saw and he was disgusted.

If I keep this up, I should be finished in no time!


One thought on “Cheat!

  1. 🙂 ha ha ha, funny! I do the duplication part quite often. But that’s because I use a typewriter and don’t have backspace. Though the first few times, my fingers were automatically searching for ctrl+s and the delete keys.

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