A Not Very Well Thought Out Metaphor

My head is just so full of stuff, yet I haven’t even managed to write 200 words of my novel today. The plot plan I started with has served me well so far but now I’m beginning to see more of a shape in what I’ve been writing. I’ve started to think of my plot as a vine with shoots coming off it. Everything I have written these last 17 days belongs to the shoots. The central stem that holds it all together is missing. I need to do some serious thinking so that I can wrap this thing up by the end of November.

Originally I was planning just to write 50 000 words out of the novel and not necessarily to finish it; however, Chris Baty of NaNoWriMo fame recently sent an e-mail advising us to get the endings down during November. As he pointed out, when the pressure of National Novel Writing Month is over, it will be easier to fill in gaps in the novel than it will be to write the ending from scratch. I think he is probably right, which means I have to work out my ending – fast.

So I need a central stem and some kind of spectacular blooming flower to top it off (or a bunch of grapes, whatever is appropriate for this metaphor). Hmmmm. Back to the drawing board.


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