Last week I found two hidden treasure troves in the house where I am staying. The first was a bundle of DVDs that had come free with a newspaper. So far I’ve watched Bagdad Cafe (the film – I vaguely remembered a show of that name with Whoopi Goldberg in it and was a bit confused until good old Wikipedia sorted me out), Orlando (saves me having to read it) and Hideous Kinky (might like to read it anyway). There’s still The Wicker Man but I’m a bit too scared to watch it on my own.

The second hidden treasure was a pile of old Mslexia magazines which I have been working my way through. One thing that has really stuck out is the number of writers who claim that their friends and family do not encourage them to write. Worse, that sometimes they are actively discouraged or scorned. My family have always encouraged me with my writing, and I thought that was normal. When I said I wasn’t sure if I would manage to write a novel, my dad said “I think you will.” My mum e-mails me with details of publishers and agents. When I told my friends about my NaNoWriMo adventure, several of them offered to proof read the manuscript.

So now I am wondering: am I just very lucky, or have the women who I have been reading about been very unlucky?


One thought on “Encouragement

  1. That’s a good question, and a saddening one to ponder. Of course one writes for oneself, but I can only imagine how disheartening it would be to have the people close to you actively discouraging you from writing. (My family and to a lesser extent some of my friends are more or less mildly disinterested, though encouraging in the sense that they think I should do what makes me happy.) Good luck with NaNoWriMo.

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