Ok, I admit it. The title of this post is a cheap trick to lure people to my blog. Nevertheless, I do have some thoughts about sex in my writing.

One of the characters in my novel is an alcoholic but he is in denial. The turning point for him comes when he brings a woman home with him from a nightclub but is too drunk to get it up. Until then he has believed he needs the alcohol to help him be a fun and attractive person. His failure to perform is the first instance when he thinks maybe he does have a problem after all. So you see, the sex scene is important to the plot. It requires a little more detail than: “He took her hand and led her into his bedroom. The following day…” That’s just not going to cut it. But how much more detail do I put in? I found myself typing out every single action until the scene read like a set of choreographic instructions. With anything else, any other piece of action such as buying a t-shirt or walking the dog,  it’s easy to pick out which details are important and interesting and which are mundane and do not need to be described. Why is writing a sex scene causing me such problems?


2 thoughts on “Sex

  1. It seems sex scenes cause the most probs cos not many books do them well. I mean what’s the best sex chapter you have ever read? If you have one, pick out what they did, and try it for yourself. If you don’t have one, you are not alone.

    I knew a woman who wrote adult novels. She told me ‘metaphor for the popular novelist, explicits for erotic novelist’.
    Perhaps try thinking of what you want to say, which seems to be, no matter how much rolling, squeezing, or trampolining occurred, he couldn’t get it up. Then, keep it simple. Sex scenes can be scary, but they can be fun too. Hope you can move forward with it!

    Great blog by the way

  2. Thanks for that. I think you are right about keeping it simple. I’ve left the scene as it is just now (because I don’t want to delete any of my precious words that take me closer to the required 50 000 for NaNoWriMo) but when I get onto the next draft I will try and pare it down. I am intrigued by the trampolining though. I wonder if I could get that in somewhere…

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