Quantity not Quality

I thought I was so clever getting up at 7.30 this morning to start writing. All those extra hours to use when I would normally be sleeping! I munched on my cereal and drank copious amounts of coffee while typing away and had 2 000 words by 11am. This is when the flaw in my early-morning-start plan became clear: I was starving and had to have lunch at 11.15. Another 2 000 words after lunch and I had dinner at 1pm. I’m going to have to have a second dinner soon, then supper. If I carry on like this I will be the size of a blimp by the end of November.

As for the writing, it’s boring snoring. I have been writing out every footstep my characters take. They don’t just go to the pub; they get up, cross the room to the door, reach out for the handle, open the door, take out the key and put it in the lock, lock the door behind them, put the key back in their pockets etc. I guess when I am finished I may have to cut out 90 % of what I have written. It doesn’t matter just now. As we NaNoWriMo-ers know, the only thing we have to concentrate on this month is the quantity and not the quality of our work.


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