Art in Surprising Places

I heard a rumour that there was going to be a Shake Your Tail Feather flash mob at Southbank so I headed down there with my friend, Lucy, to check it out. (Youtube video by Miff D)

Afterwards we walked through Southgate Shopping Complex and came across artworks by Be Free. It was one of her colourful little-girl-with-bucket-of-paint paste ups in Degraves Street that started me off photographing street art just over a year ago.

Be Free Artwork in Southgate Shopping Complex

The first piece of Be Free street art I spotted in Melbourne. This can still be seen in Degraves Street but isn't in such good condition any more.

The first piece of Be Free street art I spotted in Melbourne. This can still be seen in Degraves Street but isn’t in such good condition any more.

Finally, Lucy and I went for a coffee in Manchester Press. Unfortunately, the amazing coffee foam art I’d been going on and on about was not evident in Lucy’s hot chocolate.

The picture in the milk foam of my coffee.

The picture in the milk foam of my coffee.

Lucy's hot chocolate looks dull by comparison

Lucy’s hot chocolate looks dull by comparison

Some Christmas Street Art

Christmas themed yarn bombed bike racks and railings outside Fitzroy Swimming Pool, another Yarn Corner / City of Yarra installation:



The Melbourne Town Hall Christmas Projection:

Melbourne Town Hall Christmas Projection


This was even more spectacular than the projection I saw in Brussels a few years ago. My favourite part was when the clock tower turned into an owl, and the clock faces were its eyes:


More Prahran Street Art

Support Single Mum'sAnother snap of street art in Prahran, but this one is incredibly offensive, I think. I nearly didn’t post it because I didn’t want to give it a platform.

I saw it on the way to my trapeze lesson. When I got to NICA, one of the girls in my class asked if I’d come from the station. “Oh my God, did you see that piece of graffiti?”

I realised I wasn’t the only person the piece had made an impact on, so maybe it is worth posting for discussion.

Obviously the implication that single mothers are pole dancers is in itself repugnant, but I  also think it is offensive to suggest that going to pole dancing clubs supports women. People come up with all sorts of excuses to justify it – by talking about emancipation of women and freedom to do what you want with your body – but the fact is that stripping and dancing for money only perpetuates the idea that a woman’s value is in appearing sexually attractive to men.

Oh yeah, and there’s an APOSTROPHE CATASTROPHE!!!

Art or Trash?

If someone were to jam an empty drink container, let’s say for the sake of argument an empty Red Bull can, into a gap in a wire mesh fence, that would be littering right? We might walk past and tut and think, what dick did that instead of throwing their rubbish in the bin?

And we would have the same reaction towards a polystyrene cup jammed in a gap in a wire mesh fence, wouldn’t we?

Unless there were lots of them and they were arranged in an undulating wave pattern and perhaps, whimsically, some of them had rolled up maps protruding from them. Because this looks kind of like it’s meant to be something, doesn’t it? Like it might be art:

Oh yes, look: It’s definitely art because there’s a plaque beside it explaining what it’s all about:

The information accompanying the artwork, a section of which reads: “The artist creates a dystopic cartography that invites sombre reflection about the creek systems of the Moreland area which once flowed with fresh drinking water and teemed with aquatic life. Storm water now surges through gutters and main drains, then back to the creeks with sludge and rubbish caught in its wake.”

I saw this being “installed” on the fence near Moreland Station last week. Today I walked past and noticed that it’s been embellished:

Is the person who contributed the empty Red Bull can an artist too? Or a litter bug?

Yarn Bomb Alterations

A couple of weeks ago I spotted this new yarn bomb on Rathdowne St. At least I think it’s a yarn bomb. Certainly there is yarn involved.

I was tickled. I wondered who had put it there. Maybe a feminist pom-pom making collective?

A few days later I was walking along the same street and noticed that the yarn bomb had been altered to appeal to a wider audience.

Who’s responsible for this? A retaliating group of equal rights activists that just wants everyone to get along? An indignant member of the public that likes street art but wants it to be suitable for audiences of all ages?

This is one of the great pleasures of street art, watching a piece evolve from one thing into something else. I’m glad I took photos to capture the process.

An Artsy Weekend in Melbourne

It’s official: Melbourne is awesome. On Saturday I wandered through the Love, Evelyn Markets and the Rose Street Artist Market, picking out stuff I want to buy once I get paid. Until then, I can only justify spending money if it is something I would die without. (That list includes coffee, but not funky jewellery unfortunately, although I really tried to think around that one.)

In the evening I went to check out the Gertrude Street Projection Festival with some friends.  It’s on for another week so if you’re in Melbourne try to stop by. There are lots of fun animations, films and light displays projected on buildings all along the street. Light Lovers is fantastic, just try not to get run over by a tram while watching it.

Today I went along to a meeting of the Yarn Corner crew. They were yarnbombing the B.East burger bar in Brunswick East. It looked amazing, and I helped out a little by stitching together some of the granny squares on member Casey’s seat cover.